Each year we face the challenge of raising funds for our daughter Natalie’s schooling at the Ambassador Bilingual School in Chiang Mai.

Natalie was educated at a bilingual Christian school for her primary education. It was set up for underprivileged children in our town but wasn’t set up for western kids as the thai language was predominantly spoken. Natalie was fortunate as she can speak both English and Thai and can read write both languages.

In year 7 Natalie started at a Thai bilingual school with over 2000 kids. She was succeeding in Thai but the bilingual part of it wasn’t the best and was she was falling behind so Daeng and I found an international school, the Ambassador Bilingual School which was 20 km away from home. Natalie was accepted straight away and has flourished in her schooling ever since.

Most of the teachers are qualified American teachers and the English component of the school is far ahead of local Thai schools.
Because Natalie goes there she has a much better chance of getting into Australian universities and continuing her education once she’s graduated from High School.

Natalie’s school fees are 5000 Australian dollars annually which is a huge challenge for us to raise every year but we’re committed to giving her the best education we can. If you can help us raise the funds we would be eternally grateful. To give towards Natalie’s schooling simply click the button below and when you donate, put Natalie’s School Fund in the comment box.

Thank you so much,

Rob and Daeng and Natalie.

Thank you so much for your support of Natalie’s schooling. If you could put “Natalie’s School Fund”
in the comments section on the giving form that would be great!

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